Easter getaway: Get a personal loan

Easter getaway: Get a personal loan

To rest it is not always necessary to take a long vacation. Some of us can settle for a long weekend: a couple of days away from our home may be enough to face the routine with renewed energy, especially at this time. However, sometimes what stops us is the lack of money. If our concern is economic, we can find alternatives such as a personal loan for Easter breaks .

There are cheap credits that we can get to take a break and take advantage of the long weekend in March. We tell you how to get them and we help you plan the mini-vacations you want.


Personal travel loan

Personal travel loan

When we are tired, applying for a loan to take a vacation can be a good idea. Some online credits may have lower rates than traditional banks and we can use it for whatever we want and that includes a holy week getaway.

It is very simple, you only need to register, request the amount needed to take your break and pay it once the loan is finished. The good thing about this option is that it is not necessary to do cumbersome procedures. The only requirements are to be over 19 years old and be Argentine or resident in the country. It is not necessary to have a bank account since you can choose the “cash outlay” option and withdraw the money at the Easy Payment branches in the country.

Once we have the money, it’s time to think about the scenery of our mini-vacations. We give you some tips to do it in the best way.


Where to go during Holy Week

Where to go during Holy Week

Thinking destinations for Easter is not easy, the alternatives are many and the tempting proposals multiply. We give you some ideas to travel alone, accompanied or with family.

  • Cologne: a city stopped in time. Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay can be a good alternative to visit during Holy Week. It is ideal for couples who want to renew their love with a getaway.
  • Salta: both the provincial capital and its surroundings are worth a visit. Five days may be enough to explore this beautiful landscape unique in the world.
  • Merlo: in San Luis, at the foot of the Sierras de los Comechingones, the Villa de Merlo invites you to rest with adventure itineraries. Famous for its warm weather, the city of Merlo is a destination that challenges you to mountain bike, zip line, rappelling, climbing, 4 × 4 and horseback riding, among other recreational activities.

However, these destinations can be expensive for most of us and there are other alternatives more diesel but just as fun.


Where to travel cheap at Easter

Where to travel cheap at Easter

By date, trips during Holy Week can be expensive. The weather is ideal and many of us want to escape from the city to leave the maelstrom of the beginning of the year behind. However, there are some less popular alternatives that may be cheaper. We give you some ideas.


Crossing the puddle is the small town of Carmelo. On the banks of the Arroyo de las Vacas, much of this Uruguayan jewel seems suspended in time while the other grows in tune with tourism-real estate development.

The calm river is on the horizon with magical sunsets and achieves an unparalleled romantic setting. Seré beach or Punta Gorda, are the best place to enjoy the show. The hotel offer is huge, so it is possible to find economic alternatives that fit our budget.


Conception of Uruguay and Columbus

The city of Colón in Entre Ríos is an excellent place to rest with the family. It offers the possibility of visiting different thermal complexes located relatively close to each other in the northern sector of the city. All complemented by the beautiful view of the Uruguay River. In addition, it is close to the El Palmar National Park.

This tour can be complemented with a visit to the city of Concepción del Uruguay, located a few kilometers away where we can carry out various activities such as visiting the Casa Delio Panizza Museum, the Colegio de Uruguay Justo José de Urquiza through which three presidents passed: Roca, Victorino de la Plaza and Frondizi, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, where the remains of the leader José Justo de Urquiza and the San José Palace – his family home – lie 25 km from the city.


Window saw

It is a tourist district that includes Saldungaray, Sierra de la Ventana, Villa Ventana, Villa Serrana La Gruta and Tornquist. They are 600 km from Buenos Aires and can be explored by car based on a single place. It is perfect to go with the family as it invites you to enjoy various outdoor activities and discover part of the impressive work of the architect Francisco Salamone.

Ideally, start with Saldungaray, where one of the five specimens that exist in the world of the Sleeping Virgin is located in the church of Our Lady of Transit and four fantastic works of Salamone: the cemetery, the building of the municipality, the slaughterhouse and the community market. Secondly, to distract ourselves from the cultural part, we can tour the fair and shops of Sierra de la Ventana and then continue to Villa Ventana.

Of course you can not ignore the hill that gives the name to the town, located in the Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park. The proposal is to climb the Cerro Ventana and enjoy the beautiful view. The last stop is Tornquist, city that treasures two works of Salamone, the Municipality and the Christ of the cemetery; and its square with water mirrors designed by Carl Thuys.


Ansenuza Sea

Better known as Mar Chiquita, this beautiful Cordoba lagoon deserves recognition. It is four times larger than the Dead Sea and has the highest biodiversity of birds in the entire province. This water mirror is perfect for those looking to enjoy the connection with nature, surrounded by absolute tranquility.

Adventure, rest, romance: there is an alternative Easter getaway for everyone. Seize the opportunity or start the year tired is our decision. Stress and fatigue decrease our well-being. Perhaps, it is best to ask for a personal loan to take a vacation and resume the routine with all the energy.